You’re the One


Father, teach me all Your ways,

and help me to listen every day

Help me the right path to always choose ,

cuz I know with you, I’ll never lose.

Help me to be godly in your sight,

and help me to always choose what is right.

Help others to see the YOU in me,

it’s with you I always want to be.

Help me to follow your perfect plan,

You’ve had for me since life began.
Without You, I fall apart,
Your the one who guides my heart,

If only I keep my eyes on You,

I know that you will see me through.



2 thoughts on “You’re the One

  1. Hi Sandy! This is a lovely prayer and reminds me of Matthew 6:33. “To seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well”. Seeking His righteousness through surrender to His will in following His plan as you listen and allow Him to teach you all His ways that others may see Him in you. So heartfelt a prayer. I know it delights our Father’s Heart!!! Thank you for sharing as it fits so well in every Christians day. May I copy it? Great big hug! Love, Mary

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