Serving others as Jesus did

OK, so sometimes it’s really hard to do the right thing when everyone around you is doing the wrong thing… does that mean bad company corrupts good morals? Not necessarily….because as Christians we are supposed to be an example of Jesus life….being a Christian is following Jesus, being like Jesus…..there’s an old saying…”What would Jesus do?”  If we are to be like Jesus we have to live and think and act like Jesus did.  According to scripture…Jesus mingled with sinners, yet he did not sin… God wants us to be a witness to others so we can be examples of how He lived when He walked the earth.

 I was listening to Mike Donehey……and the example he gave was picture a man standing on a chair, and someone walking up to the chair and reaching up towards him….he can’t bring them up to his level….yes, they can bring him down…….but when you get off the chair, and lay face down on the ground….it suddenly becomes a different story… can’t bring a man down who is already serving on his face.  Get down on your face and wash some feet, then you don’t have to worry about who is corrupting who. When I become the servant of all, there’s no further place to fall.

You’re the One

Father, teach me all Your ways,

and help me to listen every day

Help me the right path to always choose ,

cuz I know with you, I’ll never lose.

Help me to be godly in your sight,

and help me to always choose what is right.

Help others to see the YOU in me,

it’s with you I always want to be.

Help me to follow your perfect plan,

You’ve had for me since life began.

Without You, I fall apart,

Your the one who guides my heart,

If only I keep my eyes on You,

I know that you will see me through.

Whenever I Set Out to Find Freedom…The Enemy Always Starts Tempting Me With Idols…

This is something we all deal with at some time, and I really thought it was worth sharing…thank you Heather for allowing God to use you in this way…

To Declare His Glory

After all that Hezekiah had so faithfully done, Sennacherib king of Assyria came and invaded Judah… (2 Chronicles 32:1).

Whenever I set out to do work for God the enemy always starts pushing the same old buttons of fear and control in my life. I can sense him start to whisper things into my heart and mind. Things like, “Don’t share that, you won’t be received with love. They’ll want nothing to do with you.” “Here, you need more of this in your life, because if you don’t, something bad will happen in your life.”
flee sin
For me, I have certain vices I turn to that control my thoughts. For some reason, indulging in them makes me feel better. It’s my way of controlling something in my life that I’m not sure how to live without. Have I grown in this area of my life? Absolutely. Am I as far…

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Hey Sin, Catch Me If You Can

It’s the little things we do sometimes that make us feel like….”this can’t be sin, there’s nothing wrong with it…I wanted to share Heather’s Blog again because I can so relate to this…..

To Declare His Glory

The wicked flee though no one pursues….(Proverbs 28:1).

As I was teaching the students at church the other day I said to them, “Whenever I was doing something wrong that my parents didn’t want me to do, I lived in fear the entire time thinking I might get caught.”

Sin is like a drug. Although we know its bad for us, we’ll do whatever it takes to have it. Even though we know its not the right thing to do, we’ll pursue it anyways and live in fear the entire time. This keeps us from being able to live fully and freely in life, but the problem is, we don’t believe we can live without our vices.

There are many people fleeing from freedom, truly believing they are somehow liberated in their rebellious ways. Yet, there is no freedom in lying to get what you want, cheating to have…

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Truth for Today

When I listen to anyone’s sermons, like Tony Evans or David Jeremiah, I like to take notes. I’m not sure exactly where I got all of this , it was just in my notes I took and I compiled them all together, so it was different resources…but I thought it was worth sharing….

If you are consistently giving in to sin, then the Holy Spirit can’t be controlling or filling your life. But if you are asking, “Will I still commit sin after learning about the filling of the Holy Spirit?”—the answer is an emphatic yes. If you are obeying Christ today and trusting His power to change you, then you are exactly where God wants you to be. Don’t agonize over the “fruit” you feel you lack. The fruit will come in due time. When you plant something, you have to make sure it is grounded securely so that deep roots will grow and flourish. Then you have to water it and nourish it daily for it to grow and produce fruit. The same is true with the Christian life.

When we allow God to implement His Word in our lives, others will draw encouragement from us and the more we grow in God’s righteousness, the stronger we become. We can only be a blessing to others when we follow God’s word and implement it into our lives.  Simply knowing about the truths of God does not mean that they have become a part of our life. It’s only when we meditate on His Word day and night, we will be satisfied.

Once you have faith in the finished work of Christ, you now have access to all the provisions of grace. But because we still live in the flesh, we are still drawn away from God.

You may find yourself committing sin and confessing it several times throughout the day. That’s not spiritual weakness; it is evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in your life! Becoming aware of sin and then dealing with it has been described as “spiritual breathing.”

Spiritual breathing involves “exhaling”—admitting your sin to the Lord as it occurs. You recognize that you have sinned and usurped the Lord’s place as director of your life. By “exhaling,” you are removing the impure, and you are claiming the forgiveness that is yours through Christ’s death on the cross.

When Your Thoughts Run Your Life and Ruin Relationships

Really good word from Heather today especially speaks to my heart so I wanted to share this. Thank you Heather for allowing God to speak through you!!!

To Declare His Glory

 Before a downfall the heart is haughty,… (Proverbs 18:12).
While having an argument in the kitchen one day with my husband, I blurted out, “Grow up.” Immediately, after the words left my mouth I was hit with deep conviction and wished I could go back and undo what I just said. How foolish I was to blurt out such disrespect. But, if I could be quite honest, it’s what I said, because it was something I had been storing up in my heart and mind for far too long.
That’s how sin goes. It ravels around our hearts over time, until it just starts leaking out. This is why it is paramount that we, “Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.” There are other times when I start to suppress thoughts, thinking, “Ah, it’s not that big of a deal.” Quite honestly, the only reason…

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Desperate For His Presence

I wanted to share this because it really speaks to my heart.

To Declare His Glory

And if I perish, I perish.”….(Esther 4:16).

Esther understood that unless God showed up in her situation, she was as good as dead. She asks the Jews to fast with her so that she can be prepared well, full of God’s power and blessing as she enters into King Xerxes presence to make her petition.
I’m not sure we live the same way as Esther, with a sense in our lives that if God doesn’t show up, we’re done for. We either rely on our own abilities, get lost in worry or give way to prideful motivations. We’re not all too desperate for God because our minds are busy stewing over senseless things that have no weight in the Kingdom. I’m only saying this because I live it, almost on a daily basis. I don’t operate with an awareness that each day I need to live with a desperation…

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You are Not a Dissapointment ​

I think everyone needs to hear this. This really speaks to my heart today. Thank you Heather for this.

To Declare His Glory

When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done….(Luke 9:10).
You are not a disappointment to Jesus. Nor are you a failure in His eyes. I have felt that way before. Like Jesus and everyone around me sees me as a total disappointment.
There’s this journey that God is taking me on, deep into my heart to uproot lies and set me free from things that have created deep bondage in my life. I am no longer a slave to sin, but one of righteousness. Along the journey of letting go and being made new, the devil will whisper lies into our hearts that attempt to destroy our newness in Christ. Sometimes the process God takes us through of becoming like Him means that we become small in the eyes of the world. It means that we have no stage or place to shine for…

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Let Go, Seek His Face, and Become Like Him

Resting in our Father’s arms is where I want to be.

To Declare His Glory

For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with,…. (Romans 6:6)

There will come a day when every tear upon my eye will be wiped away. I will see my Lord in all of His glory and I SHALL THEN BE LIKE HIM. Wow, what an overwhelming thought. That I, Heather, the girl who struggles against all sorts of sins will one day be caught up with her Lord in the air and He will robe me in white. I will be purified by His love.


Until that day, I have one desire and calling as a Christian, to become more and more like Him. We will never grow in our newness in Christ unless we come to Him like a child, with innocence and humility.

When I was a teenager I had to go…

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When the Praise of People Becomes Your Highest Goal

This is a really good blog from Heather. I really see myself doing this sometimes. Actually, it’s a constant battle. What God thinks of us is truly more important than what others think. Thank you Heather for this inspiring word for today.

To Declare His Glory

“Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.”…. (2 Corinthians 10:17).

I spend a lot of time, in my head, boasting about myself. It’s there, inside my own mind, that I am the very best and most commendable of all God’s children. In my own sinfulness, I am hoping the people of God reciprocate back to me my own self- aggrandizement.
It’s easy to get our focus off of God and onto ourselves. God gives us gifts, for they are many, and we are quick to praise ourselves instead of Him. Every good and perfect gift is from above. Therefore, we must remember that the praise of our heart must always be in check. We must be careful, as we live, that our own hearts are not held captive by pride and the praise of man.
We live in a world where a platform, albeit big or…

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Hold Fast, A New Season of Fruitfulness is Coming

This is a blog from Heather Quiroz. I just wanted to share this.

To Declare His Glory

And we boast in the hope of the glory of God…(Romans 5:2).

Last night as I was speaking to the students at SOLID youth group it felt like God pulled a plug off my mouth and for the first time in months I sensed such a strong demonstration of the Spirit’s power that I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the grace of God.
This season I have been walking through in life has been far from easy, in fact, it has been extremely painful. Yet, I am seeing the fruit of holding fast to the Lord Jesus through suffering. I now see the grace of God being displayed in my life in ways I have not experienced. It is a demonstration of the Spirit’s power that for many months was silenced so that God could go somewhere in my heart to bring healing.
Sometimes we walk through seasons…

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